Significant cost savings and value creation can be derived by optimizing the built environment – and the answer to doing so often lies in the under-utilized data hidden within their very assets and systems.

Digital twin technology empowers stakeholders to integrate and unlock the potential of vast amounts of untapped operational data, paving the way for exceptional cost savings and for more productive, efficient, sustainable, and resilient assets.


With Para’s digital twin and building management platform, facility owners and operators can unlock the power of building data to create more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable operations.

Our solution can integrate with any device or system that allows communication with industry-standard protocols or has an exposed API– from IoT sensors to 3rd party systems, then uses AI analytics for insights and predictions that improve operational performance and enhance building operations. As an open system with scalability and integration at its core, Para is fully configurable according to your organization’s needs.

Para gives organizations the freedom to tailor their purchase, selecting and investing in only those modules necessary. This unique design allows you to maximize your value by focusing on what’s important for success.

Para lets you

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Optimize energy intelligence

Identify waste and uncover cost savings across a spectrum of assets, while receiving real-time recommendations for energy performance optimization.

Achieve portfolio visibility

Analyze the overall performance of your real estate portfolio, enabling agile and real-time decision-making across diverse variety of buildings and campuses.

Ensure asset reliability and fault detection diagnostics

Ensure ongoing and uninterrupted operation of critical building infrastructure, minimizing the risk of component failure, detection of faults, and ensuring reliability of building operation, while optimizing the maintenance activities and resources.

Meet sustainability goals

Effectively plan and manage sustainability and carbon reduction targets, decreasing your building’s carbon footprint while providing a management toolset for compliance and ESG KPI tracking.

Enhance occupant well-being

Enhance occupant well-being, retain talent and improve human productivity. Optimize and improve building performance and energy savings, without compromising on indoor air quality and user comfort.

The Para Advantage

Our People

The Para team brings experience gained over 67 years of multidisciplinary engineering and technology projects delivered to a number of global clients as part of Sidara (formerly Dar Group).

Dar and its global partners have ranked within the top 10 international design firms in the building industry for over 15 years. We understand how buildings and utilities work, empowering us to design customized solutions to meet client goals and improve their business operations. Engineers with expertise in building energy management and data integration drive Para project success.

With half a decade of experience coded in its algorithms, Para is not just a software tool, but an engineering platform for actionable insights, built by a nimble and flexible team who can tailor our services to solve our client’s challenges. We are innovative and visionary in our approach to solving client challenges. We listen. We collaborate. We break down silos and exceed customers’ expectations.


Our Technology

Our patent-pending algorithms were developed leveraging the knowledge gained over a half of a century of engineering. Para uses the latest technology in data management as well as data analytics to optimize the journey of data from extraction, ingestion, storage, contextualization, processing as well as consumption. The platform uses advanced AI and ML algorithms to produce the needed analysis as well as automatically improving and adapting to continuous changes of the data. Client portfolios are perpetually optimized leveraging data-contextualization, resulting in energy and cost saving, while improving portfolio sustainability posture.


Modular Scalability

Para’s modular architecture ensures a cost-effective and flexible solution which is easy customizable and configurable to individual use cases and client’s needs. Our solution can address a single use case for a stand-alone building, or a complex challenge in a large real-estate portfolio.


Validated Credibility

Para is the first software platform to achieve UL Smart Building Systems certification, globally. This comprehensive program assesses the platform, collects functional evidence, and provides assurance the software is compliant across several categories: Connectivity & Interoperability, Resilience, Digital Experience, Cybersecurity, Functional Value, Control and Automation.

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